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Beyond Bankcard – Optix + Esca…

25-02-2015 Super User

Beyond Bankcard – Optix + Escape 2015

Appreciation, Education, and FunOver the weekend we commemorated our first year of Optix, EVO Platinum’s multi-year incentive program, with our inaugural EVO ESCAPE year-end trip. Each year, our sales partners are invited to join us for a Sales Conference and Team-Building event, hosted by Senior Management in an exotic locale! 2014 proved to be a stellar year for the EVO Platinum Team and we were beyond thrilled to have over 65 Sales Partners join us on a 4-Day Caribbean cruise where we acknowledged key contributors who made our success a reality. While showing our appreciation for all of their hard work, this trip was also an opportunity for sales partners to interact, learn from each other, and build stronger networks. It was great fun, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s trip! Read more

Miller’s Corner Café on Cloud …

18-02-2015 Melanie Gonzalez

Miller’s Corner Café on Cloud 9 with Pioneer and POS on Cloud

October 2014 - In eastern Kentucky near the Cumberland Plateau in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, there is a small town called Jackson that over 2,200 people call home. Jackson is the proud home of Tim Miller, Founder of Miller’s Corner Café that recently opened just west of the central business district. Miller’s Corner Café is unique in that it is a café that serves coffee, and baked goods, but also serves as a deli. From reading the restaurant reviews, Miller’s lattes, breads, baked goods, are just as famous as their pulled pork and rueben sandwiches that seem to be some of the best in all of Kentucky. After just a few months of their opening this past summer, they already have over 1,200 likes on Facebook; all they need is a 1,000 more and sounds like the entirety of Breathitt County will be fans of Miller’s! Read more

Apple Pay 360°

09-01-2015 Melanie Gonzalez

Apple Pay 360°

Since the rollout of the next generation of Apple products, there has been an incredible amount of hype surrounding the new technology. For those of us in the payments space, Apple Pay is everywhere. If the new Apple launch has done anything, it’s provided our sales partners with a sense of urgency around the competitive landscape. There has been an influx of questions from our sales partners inquiring as to whether or not we can support it. At EPSG, we think the answer needs to be more than “yes.” Read more

Happy New Year to All EPSG Sal…

05-01-2015 Melanie Gonzalez

Happy New Year to All EPSG Sales Partners!

The entire EPSG team hopes our sales partners and their families had a wonderful holiday season! Throughout the course of last year, we started to communicate EPSG’s new vision in our newsletters and social media and we couldn't be happier to see the puzzle pieces starting to come together. We worked hard in 2014 to find the best technology partners that understand our market and price points while providing solutions that help merchants better manage and grow their business. As the old saying goes, a picture says a thousand words, so we worked hard with our marketing team to create a set of icons that demonstrate where we’re headed: Read more

Proven Formula for Success: EP…

19-11-2014 Melanie Gonzalez

Proven Formula for Success: EPSG Payroll Referral Program

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with one of our most productive EPSG-BenefitMall partnership teams in the country. This pair lives and works in the NYC-metropolitan area, focusing mainly in the Astoria-neighborhood of Queens. We greatly value their feedback and hope to provide you with their proven strategy for success. Below we have outlined the specific activities and behaviors which they attribute to their success. Take a look: Read more

Helpful Tips When Submitting M…


Helpful Tips When Submitting Mail Order/Telephone Order (MO/TO) & E-Commerce Accounts

Time is of the essence when you want to install a new merchant. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your new merchant applications won’t be delayed due to “pending” status when submitting MO/TO and E-Commerce Accounts: Mail/Telephone Order (MO/TO) If selecting Mail/Telephone Order under the Processing Profile Section of the Merchant Application, the percentage must be 50% or more. Please ensure at least one of the following is included when submitting your application: Merchant Marketing Materials such as brochures, catalogs, literature, websites, price lists, etc. Card Not Present Form Example of an invoice forwarded from the merchant to the customer. Read more

It’s Peak Season for Payroll

08-09-2014 Melanie Gonzalez

It’s Peak Season for Payroll

Now is the time to submit payroll referrals! As you know, sales fluctuate. In the bankcard industry, merchants will switch processors when sales are slow. Typically our best months tend to run from early spring into the summer. And when the weather cools, merchants focus on preparing for the holiday season. Prior to holiday peak season, many ISOs will check in on their portfolio to ensure merchants are prepared for the rush, are stocked up on gift cards and have prepared digital marketing campaigns to incentivize their loyal customers to do their holiday shopping at their store. These instances present the perfect opportunity to ask the merchant how they plan to process payroll in 2015. Read more

EPIC - Next Generation


EPIC - Next Generation

As some readers are probably aware, a new version of the EPIC website is on its way! (We aren’t kidding this time.) We have heard the requests for a more modern, user-friendly system, and we are happy to announce that the next generation EPIC will be rolling out next month. This new system will allow you to track the status of not only your own deals, but those of your reps as well. EPIC will also include a true ticketing system in which users can see the status and track submitted requests. Users have the option to receive email notifications for almost any change regarding your accounts, from application pending alerts to updated pricing or merchant DBA changes. Read more

EVO University

23-07-2014 Michelle Williams

EVO University

Over the last few years, EVO University has seen great advancement as we continue to support our ever talented ISO Family. We have built a robust platform of extensive trainings consisting of daily live webinars. We have the New Hire Orientation, a B2B Curriculum, Interchange and many other product overviews. We are excited to be working on new e-learning modules to build and reinforce ISO knowledge. The e-learning modules will be accessible to all our ISO Partners to view at their convenience. In addition, we are increasing our partnership with various 3rd parties and equipment vendors to sponsor more webinar trainings. Read more

Payroll is HERE!

02-06-2014 Melanie Gonzalez

Payroll is HERE!

With the addition of a product development team in early 2014, EPSG has built the tracks to provide our ISO partners with the ability to differentiate, add value and incremental revenue to the commoditized bankcard sale. We are excited to announce that EPSG has partnered with BenefitMall, a leading provider of Payroll Services. BenefitMall is the second largest privately held payroll company in the U.S. and serves more than 200,000 employers nationwide.  In addition to their award winning payroll services, BenefitMall provides tax and year end services, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, an HR resource center, HR HelpLine, 401k retirement planning and investments and much more. Read more

EMV in the Industry - Part 2

28-05-2014 Melanie Gonzalez

EMV in the Industry - Part 2

Since EMV is such a complex topic, we have decided to provide you with small pieces of information that you can digest slowly. This week, we will review EMV deadlines, the consequences of non-compliance and the merchants impacted. What happens if merchants do not comply? A U.S. liability shift for domestic and cross-border counterfeit card-present point-of-sale (POS) transactions will be in effect. Currently, POS counterfeit fraud is largely absorbed by card issuers. With the liability shift, if a contact chip card is presented to a merchant that has not adopted, at minimum, contact chip terminals, liability for counterfeit fraud may shift to the merchant. Read more

OPTIX Update

28-05-2014 Super User

OPTIX Update

On January 1, 2014, EVO Platinum Services Group released Optix to all existing and future sales partners. Optix is a dynamic, industry-changing incentive and compensation platform developed to help our partners get started on their path to achieving greater wealth. Tailored to the competitive nature of the industry, Optix rewards sales partners based on their annual sales margin with higher margins yielding larger bonuses. EVO Platinum Services Group believes in our partners and wants to help build successful futures. Start building your portfolio now and look ahead towards the next five years. Read more

EMV in the Industry - Part 1

29-04-2014 Melanie Gonzalez

EMV in the Industry - Part 1

Being in the payments industry for nearly 14 years, I have seen the business evolve into a complex web of rapidly changing technology, a near infinite scope of interchange levels and PCI regulations.   Acquiring knowledge over the years, it has become easy to quickly absorb innovations, like mobile and the cloud.  At first glance, EMV appeared to be just another regulation. However, it wasn’t long before I started to hear colleagues misinterpret, more often than not, what the regulation is and what it means to merchants.  I can truly say that EMV is the biggest change I have witnessed in payments thus far and certainly the most misunderstood.  Read more

Partner Relationship Team

28-03-2014 Super User

Be sure to take advantage of our Partner Relationship Team, which will assist you with all aspects of the sales process - submitting merchant applications, requesting pricing and proposals, obtaining log in credentials, and much more!   Read more

Closure Policy

29-07-2013 Super User

When a merchant wishes to close their account, a written request must be submitted by the merchant and the signature must match what is on the original merchant application. A Cancellation/Closure Request Form can be found on EPIC in the Reference Library. The form can be submitted directly through EPIC or as an attachment to an email and forwarded to: or faxed to 516-750-0253. The only time an account will be closed without a merchant request is if a new number was established for a change of corporation or ownership. An Early Termination Fee will be assessed according to the application.   Read more

Blog Article

11-03-2012 Super User

.   Read more