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EPIC - Next Generation

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 13:16
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As some readers are probably aware, a new version of the EPIC website is on its way! (We aren’t kidding this time.) We have heard the requests for a more modern, user-friendly system, and we are happy to announce that the next generation EPIC will be rolling out next month.

This new system will allow you to track the status of not only your own deals, but those of your reps as well. EPIC will also include a true ticketing system in which users can see the status and track submitted requests. Users have the option to receive email notifications for almost any change regarding your accounts, from application pending alerts to updated pricing or merchant DBA changes.

Another big addition is the Electronic Application (E-App). Users can now fill out a completed application and lock it with the appropriate pricing and shoot it off to your merchants for an E-Signature, which can be signed electronically via mouse or the merchant’s finger (mobile only).

Wait there’s more! EPIC now houses an ISO portal into our commissions and residuals system. Users can follow their earnings throughout the year as they are paid out. A dashboard on the EPIC homepage will show your year-to-date transaction volume and in which tier you stand in our year-long OPTIX contest.

The future looks bright. Stay tuned into your email and follow us on social media (facebook, twitter, linkedin) for updates on EPIC, EVO University and more over the course of the next month.

By Adam Seal
  Creative Director

Adam is responsible for the artistic direction of EVO Platinum Services Group's brand and marketing. In addition to managing the graphic design, motion graphics, social media, and web development efforts both internally and with external partners, Adam is the project lead for EPIC.

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